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At Elem Consumer Tech Private Limited, we believe that the best inventions are the ones that in turn provide the masses the opportunities to build and pursue a dream they want. The foundational thoughts behind the working of Elem lie in the vision to create multi-talented professionals that can take up the task of building diverse solutions to problems faced in India. 

We strive to make a positive impact in building eco-friendly products and share the same with the world, as to how a balanced approach can be taken to save nature and also be profitable at the same time. 

We form the backend of happiness for our customers and truly stand on our word to be Life’s marvel.

We work with a strong feeling of innovating and building products that are not only affordable but also not cruel to nature and human use.  We aim to create a better and cleaner environment through our products, and in turn, create opportunities for the masses to get employed and upskill in the areas of their work. 


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Learn and grasp more about entrepreneurial opportunities with Elem India.


Build best-in-class-leading projects and exponentiate your knowledge and experience.

Community Building

Help us create a much more aware and cleanliness conscious community of people.

Diversity and Inclusion

upscaled lifestyle requires diverse and inclusive teams that have a great inflow of Ideas to serve the customers

Our Team

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Aditya Sahni

Co-Founder & Promotor

Sajal Sahni


Akanksha Sahni

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