Products that create a Home

Give our products a house, take back a home!!

Quick Your Cleaning

It has been nearly two years since the COVID 19 outbreak. And it’s been a long and winding road since then. As a small team obsessed with enormously effective yet safe cleaning we started to look for solutions that can be used quickly and at the same time take care of the cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitization around us.  For us, the Quiclean story started here. 


Since day one, we were clear that we wanted to create chemical and toxin-free products for you, your kids, your pets, and our planet. Therefore, we only use eco-friendly and plant-powered ingredients in our products so you can cherish the fun cleaning moments with your family.

Our Products

How we create a Home.

ELEM Quiclean Glass Cleaner Spray

See the best of yourself, with a crisp clean glass and mirror spray by Elem

ELEM Quiclean Wood Shine Spray

Give life to the most valuable wooden works in your Home.

ELEM Quiclean Kitchen Cleaner Spray

Great food can only be cooked in a clean kitchen, and we got that covered for you.

ELEM Quiclean Toilet Spray

Make your washroom and toilets not just a place to freshen up, but to refresh as well.

Why Choose Us

Best Cleaning Experience

Highly effective components to keep your beloved home clean.

No Toxic chemicals

No chemicals that damage your valuable furniture.

Aromatic Essence

Our products don't just clean, but add love to the aroma of your Home

Dont just clean

Dont just clean but create a self-loving environment at your Home.